Mahmuda Khanam Memorial Academy, established in 2018 in Louhajang upazila of Munshiganj district, under the patronage of United Trust and overall management of bdeducation, an initiative of renowned social worker and educator, director of United Group and trustee of United Trust, Mr. Faridur Rahman Khan. Initially the school started its journey with 6 experienced teachers and 55 students. The school is currently operating with 109 students under the direct supervision 11 experienced and trained teachers. The school is running under the National Curriculum for the pre-primary to the 5th grade, including other outside activities and co-curricular education besides regular education activities.








Immediately after taking the responsibility of this school, bdeducation started its activities in the development of physical infrastructure, education and overall management of this school. As part of this process along with fully made curriculum with digital content, every class room has IT enabled environment with LED TV, bdeducation has provided arranged computer labs and internet connections, regular health checkups for students, and special study program for English, Mathematics and computer studies.