Mathematical Deficiency Identification & Skill Development Program

Mathematical Deficiency Identification & Skill Development Program (MDI & SDP) is designed to help students those who are struggling with Mathematics learning and suffering from math’s anxiety. Bdeducation ( Bangladesh digital education research limited – a listed company JRC) has developed age based different types of tests to identify the level of deficiency and anxiety in Mathematics that students may encounter in their academic life and provided many remedial programs to overcome these problems. In the first phase of the program students need to sit for a series of tests (computer based adaptive test) to assess their deficiency level. Different criterions with diversified stratification are set in order to identify the level of intensity of difficulties. After assessing the intensity of difficulty level (an automated CBAR) appropriate programs / courses are set for the students for 8 to 12 weeks. Then again students need to sit for another series of tests in order to assess the improvement level.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will develop a realistic attitude toward the learning of mathematics and gain in- depth knowledge and fundamental skill required for solving a mathematical problem in class room environment as well as day to day life.

  • Diagnostic test
  • Individual Perception & Characteristics test
    • Maths Anxiety symptoms (Internal and External) – (Level – Standard)
    • Past Experience – (Level – Standard)
    • Learning Habit – (Level – Standard)
    • Productive / Mathematical Disposition – (Level – Standard)
  • IQ test
  • Subjective tests
    • Arithmetic
    • Geometry
    • Algebra
  • Data Analysis & Probability
  • Numerical skill test
  • Working Memory test