ICT-enabled Complete Education (ICE)

Education enriches people’s understanding, raises people’s productivity and creativity. Aiming to change the lifestyle of millions of students in Bangladesh through quality education, the goal of ICE is to establish a modern and skill based educational system driven by integrated ICT oriented pedagogical infrastructure that includes:

  • Proper ICT infrastructure
  • Quality Academic Digital Content
  • Age-based Skill Development Programs
  • Access to Information
  • Effective Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities
  • Effective monitoring system
  • Develop ICT infrastructure required for quality education
  • Improve the quality of education by providing advanced and innovative supplementary/reference digital academic content
  • Developing Skill in IT, English and Bangla communication
  • Identifying deficiency in mathematics and conducting need based remedial program
  • Motivating and capacity building for teachers through Appropriate Training on e-teaching and e-content developments
  • Deploying cloud-based academic and administrative management system for smoothing day to day activities
  • Building awareness of students and guardians to adapt them in e-learning and ICT based services
  • Ensure Access to Information through Student Portal and Mobile apps
  • Monitoring overall activities and performances through analyzing Academic, Administrative and Financial data over the air.