Asiyabari Ideal School is located in Pakundia upazila of Kishoreganj district. This educational institution is being run by United Trust's sponsorship and management of bdeducation. Founded in 2001, the school is currently being taught under the National Education Course from the pre-primary to the tenth grade. Presently, 603 students are being educated under the direct supervision of 29 skilled and experienced teachers. The teachers and employees of the school are always aware of the overall quality of the school by their knowledge and dedication. In addition to regular teaching in schools, various co-curricular programs are available including sports and study tour. Due to the relentless efforts of everyone, the organization has been keeping pace with the era.








After taking the responsibility of this school in the year 2017, bdeducation is working to develop and implement effective management, administrative and physical infrastructural reforms to build the school as an information technology based, modern, contemporary and responsible educational institution. Immediately after taking the responsibility of the overall education program of school as part of this process, the school has been provided digital content with an integrated management software, own computer lab, overall solar power and internet facilities, setting up of attendance devices with CCTV cameras and RFID facilities, ensured the development of the school building, reformed administrative managements, conducted recruitment of teachers / employees giving the provision of housing facilities to the teachers. By doing the continuous development planning and its proper implementation, bdeducation is committed to make the school a responsible and modern educational institution in Kishoreganj district.